Deadly Covenant


Having received the Raven Queens blessing after ridding her temple of Black Riders, the party ventured to the forbidden realm of Death’s Reach -a plane within a plane, an ancient part of the Shadowfell where souls were diverted by primordials to feed upon during the Dawn War.

Dealing with agents of Orcus, and others of less certain allegiance, they were able to summon an aspect of the Raven Queen to the very heart of Death’s Reach. Their conversation was cut short by an attack of the Great Beast – an aspect of Orcus summoned by the Ashen Covenant. After dealing with him they pressed on to the Reliquary of Timesus. Here, the Raven Queen told them, Elder Arantham was disinterring weapons from the Dawn War.

Fighting their way through the Reliquary, the party happened upon one of their oldest enemies – the cultist known as Kalarel. In defeat, the Shadowfell being he’d been attempting to free had dragged him back to it’s prison at the heart of Death’s Reach. Here, he discovered the remains of a fallen primordial known as Timesus. Subsequently, he had supervised excavation of the site prior to Arantham’s arrival. Eager to test his improved powers against the party, he was quickly vanquished and once again swallowed up, screaming, by the Portal Thing.

A combat with a weak aspect of Timesus haphazardly pieced together by a rakshasa noble could not keep them from reaching Elder Arantham. He was forced to retreat, leaving pieces of the Blackstar Host – animate beings that once comprised shards of the primoridal Timesus – behind. The combined powers of Adamas, Sar, and San Lobo were more than enough to defeat him, his undead beholder, and his Blackstar slaves.

The blood-red portal Elder Arantham had stepped through remained open, for now, leaving the adventurer’s to decide their next moves.



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