• Adamas the Uncarved

    Adamas the Uncarved

    The Living Mountain, Primal Warden of Stone, Earth Shaker, Reincarnate Champion, Elder of the Circle of the Dark Wing.
  • Sar


    New God of Dawn, Wields the might of the sun and cosmos...
  • Doresain


    The Ghoul King
  • Elder Arantham

    Elder Arantham

    Elder Arantham is a mysterious figure behind a large portion of the Ashen Covenant's plans. Once a high priest of the Platinum Dragon, he now uses his cunning and wisdom to further the goals of the Lord of Undeath.
  • Ghovran


    This eladrin lich often disguises himself as a living being, though he has been an undead servant of Orcus for centuries.
  • Orcus


    Demon Prince of Undeath
  • Tannerli


    A charismatic cambion, Tannerli was a mercenary in the employ of the Ebon Riders until recently. Scouting for enemies of the Ashen Covenant ended badly, and she was strongly advised to seek other employment.
  • The Chained One

    The Chained One

    His memory forbidden, even the utterance of his name or the recitation of his deeds is a crime
  • The Lady of Pain

    The Lady of Pain

    The enigmatic ruler of Sigil