This eladrin lich often disguises himself as a living being, though he has been an undead servant of Orcus for centuries.


It is sometimes said that Ghovran has never been defeated in combat. This myth is perpetrated by his tendency to emerge unscathed from any ordeal. This, in truth, is due not to some inherent combat prowess, but to the fact that Ghovran is virtually indestructable. He is, in fact, a powerful lich.

Ghovran is vain and often masks himself with magic and disguises to appear as a mortal eladrin. He mixes in polite society and enjoys associating with those he considers movers and shakers in the mortal realm. He is associated with the Ebon Riders and the greater Ashen Covenant as well.

He believes that if a massacre could be initiated in the mortal world, and the multitudes of the world animated as undead, a shift in the balance of living/undead could elevate Orcus to godhood. Having not thought of a practical way to accomplish this, he defers to Mauglurien’s schemes to kill and reanimate the Raven Queen instead.

Lore: The cambion known as Tannerli was, until recently, in his employ. Ghovran was recently slain in the streets of Sigil and again in the Raven Queen’s holy temple of Zvomarana. At this time his phylactery was also destroyed, resulting in his permanent demise.


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