Demon Prince of Undeath


Ruling from the Red Holds in the Abyssal realm of Thanatos, Orcus’ influence is felt throughout the planes. Multitudes of undead serve him, if unwittingly, and some owe him their very existance. Many rituals responsible for the creation of free-willed undead were penned by his own hand – or converted to his use from existing sources. Certainly the lichgod Vecna would dispute Orcus’ supremacy. Many more undead rise from the dark regions of the Shadowfell, or from realms touched by tragedy, without the demon prince’s intercession. Nevertheless, he claims rulership of undeath as his own and seeks to expand that power.

He is a creature with many enemies – devils, powerful undead, rival demon princes, gods of life and light, and the deity known as the Raven Queen. He envisions a reality without her in it, with all the souls passing through the Shadowfell redirected by his hand into an undefeatable army of the undead.

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