Elder Arantham

Elder Arantham is a mysterious figure behind a large portion of the Ashen Covenant's plans. Once a high priest of the Platinum Dragon, he now uses his cunning and wisdom to further the goals of the Lord of Undeath.


Elder Arantham often claims to be an exarch of Orcus. While this is most likely not the case, he is nevertheless one of the most powerful and clever beings in the demon prince’s service. Only Doresain, the Ghoul King himself, wields more influence – and even that is debateable.

His past is shrouded in mystery. Once, long ago, he was a powerful servant of Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon. For reasons now unknown, he willingly (or so the story goes) underwent a ritual that was usually reserved as a punishment or curse, becoming transformed into a type of undead known as a huecuva in the process. He began preaching of the inevitable, inescapable power of undeath and somehow avoided the resulting purge that claimed most of his tainted followers.

The Ashen Covenant was the Elder’s idea, and while other leaders in the organization wield some amount of power, they ultimately answer to him whether they like it or not. He is not as devoted as some of the others to a particular pathway for Orcus’ triumph. While some scheme of raising the Raven Queen as an undead creature, or altering the balance of life/unlife in the natural world until it tips and causes a necrotic cascade, he keeps a more open mind.

In recent months he has been less visible in the organization, and some say he is on a secret mission of dire importance to his demonic master.

Elder Arantham

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