A charismatic cambion, Tannerli was a mercenary in the employ of the Ebon Riders until recently. Scouting for enemies of the Ashen Covenant ended badly, and she was strongly advised to seek other employment.


A specialist in ranged magic, Tannerli keeps out of the range of her enemies via the mobility her wings grant her. Being a somewhat clumsy flier, she prefers to land in a location she considers to be out of reach of her prey, then changing position as the unfolding battle dictates. After being hired by the lich Ghovran Akti, she was recently humbled by enemies of the Ebon Riders who dispatched her quickly upon landing.

On interrogation she revealed what she knew of the Ebon Riders plans, and in return was allowed freedom. She is keeping a low profile while she seeks a safer line of employment.



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