The Chained One

His memory forbidden, even the utterance of his name or the recitation of his deeds is a crime


It is said, by some who are in the position to know, that at the height of the Dawn War one of the gods set out to betray his fellows. His crimes are only whispered, but it is held that his deeds horrified gods and primordials alike. His power was immense, unstable… alien. In his madness, they could not destroy him, but instead bound him beyond space and time in a place so secret even they have forgotten it – or are forbidden to remember it. It is said if he is ever freed he will complete his work – the destruction of everything known to god, devil, or man. Others say that, should the Nameless One be freed, death would be a mercy before the wave of madness that would accompany him.

He is still worshipped in some corners, and cultists whisper his forbidden name with burning tongues and listen to his dogma with bleeding ears, taking pleasure from the perversion of serving a power that would destroy the entire universe. Other beings – twisted like the Chained One himself – await his coming, and make preperations for the day his prison is discovered.

His powers, like his location, are locked away. But his followers, few though they are, forever seek artifacts, lore, and texts. These items are, without exception, implements of the most vile evil and capable of almost limitless destruction.

The Chained One

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