Chapter Two – Kingdom of Ghouls

Session 2 – Thursday July 1, 2010

Session 1 – Chapter Two Session One

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Chapter One – Death’s Reach

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For untold ages the Raven Queen has sat on her throne in the frozen realm of Letherna, guiding the souls of the dead to their final, unknowable destination. Far from her halls in the Shadowfell, deep in the chaotic vortex of the Abyss, an ancient evil has hungered for her power. The demon lord Orcus has long sought to overthrow death and raise the vile power of undeath in its place.

Now, his twisted agents have infiltrated the most sacred of the Raven Queen’s temples and the very heart of the Shadowfell itself. Can Orcus’ ascension to the Raven Throne be prevented? Or does he have even darker designs?

“An ominous dream comes to you in flashes as you sleep. You see a temple on a mist-covered mountain, where thousands of ravens circle above its slender spires. The scene shifts to inside, where a knight in black armor atop a black steed pounds on a doorway beyond a mirrored altar. His crimson shield is adorned with the head of a black dragon. The scene shifts, and you see yourself and your companions locked in battle with an ebony dragon as ghosts wail in agony and the dragon cuts you down one by one. The scene shifts, and you are alone in an endless darkness. After long moments, you spot a dimly lit corridor containing a succession of seven locked gates. You try to open the first gate, and the scene shifts. Now you are on a wide, desolate plain, watching helplessly as a great black rock the size of a moon hurtles out of the sky. It strikes the land with a world-shattering impact. Sweat soaked, you awaken, these scenes of future doom still bouncing within your mind.”

The Raven Queen and Entourage

image copyright 2009, Wizards of the Coast

Deadly Covenant

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